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We are also creating extra content for the cool, kind people who want to pay for extra content.

Our newsletter is a place for people who want to see all the nitties and gritties that go into making a project this intimate and intricate—the scripts, the ideas, the pencils, the inks, the debates, the birthings and killings of so many, many darlings—and all that’s available for a subscription fee.

Elsa is creating posts about drawing and storytelling.

She’s doing livestreams where she pencils and inks and talks. She’s posting her layouts and her pencils and her inks and talk about how she got from this stage to the next to the final, not just on this book but on all of the cool stories she’s created.

Tom is creating posts about writing and storytelling.

He’s putting up his never before seen scripts and pitches for everything from Vision to Mister Miracle to Batman to Sheriff of Babylon to Rorschach to Elmer Fudd to Supergirl.

We’re doing podcasts and AMA’s that are exclusive to this platform.

We’re going to be laughing and chattering on about what we love in the world and occasionally some of what we hate.

Finally, we’re sending some exclusive stuff out to people who want exclusive stuff: limited print issues, the first trade, original art...

We’re hopelessly addicted collectors of art and comics, and we know the joy of getting something physical and, frankly, really rare. If you’re a crazy nerd like us—all of that’s available for a subscription fee.

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Everlasting Productions is the online home of award winning comic creators, Elsa Charretier and Tom King and their new ongoing series, Love Everlasting.